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21 décembre 2016 - 2448 vues
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Spéciale NOËL 

a child is born - ol burger

stelvio cipriani - mary's theme

rapsuperstar - juju rogers 

don't fly if it's foggy- quincy jones 

jam (remix) - ATCQ

happy new year - ol burger 

jimmy hendrix - pali gap 

house flying daggers - hendrix vs wu tang 

interlude - ol burger 

andrew hale - main theme 

joey badass - intodatomb 

let it snow - ol burger 

leroy hutson - so in love with you 

pat d melodiq - mesmerized 

merry chrismas - ol burger 

dreams with oddisee - juju rodgers 

back 4 you - jurassic 5 

the article - k def 

to you - ol burger 




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